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Managers must see | encounter subordinate employees who do not obey management, how can enterprise managers achieve effective leadership?
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For a manager, the goal is to be able to complete the tasks assigned by superiors in a stable and orderly manner under effective management. Although disobedient employees are generally very few.

Managers deal with disobedient subordinates

Disobedience to management? How do intelligent managers deal with these kinds of employees?

Dealing with those disobedient subordinates, this can be said to be the first level of leadership, only after this level, can be considered as a real leadership. In fact, managers deal with such disobedient people, not so complicated.

Create peer conflict

Personnel issues are the most sensitive topic in the workplace, not one of them, once the leader lets you express your views on colleagues, or on so-and-so, then you have to be vigilant, and accidentally the most easy to be recruited.

In the workplace, you must not express your views on personnel issues, if you must say, then you can only say that I do not understand him, if the leader needs, I can go to observe and then report, this is the standard answer.

Point fingers and scold sb

For this kind of employees, face to face criticism is impossible, old employees will not listen, will hinder the development of daily work, and even spread some rumors in the company, after all, old employees in the company still have a certain say, this time, can not face to face conflict, it is best to scold.

This move directly to disobedient employees remind, if again, according to the system to deal with later, employees have no words.

The workplace, the real deep leadership, emotional intelligence is certainly very high, are interpersonal communication masters, whether it is right or right, can guarantee their own interests under the premise of making each other feel satisfied, and even let all parties feel satisfied, which is called a well-rounded. Of course, the leadership of this versatile, is by no means smooth, but based on pragmatic, learn to play in front of a variety of people.

Gift out

Some veterans of the workplace, neither make enemies, nor make mistakes, such disobedient people, can only find opportunities, gifts sent abroad. Transfer him to a new department, or recommend him as a talent. Such tactics are most commonly used in officialdom.

However, if the face of disobedient subordinates, is a relative or abnormal relationship of the leader, there are special abilities needed by the organization, or violent personality, or seniority, such a person, the best way is to let him sit on the bench. Nothing can be arranged without regard for it. The rule of the workplace is, if you can't get help, avoid becoming a drag. In the real face of unable to clean up, but also trouble subordinates, to adopt "you don't go, I go." Try to get out as soon as possible.

What to do about slacker employees

The problem of lazy work and weak sense of responsibility can be improved by a variety of ways, the following points can effectively solve the problem of lazy work and weak sense of responsibility, improve work efficiency and the overall performance of the team.

Reinforcement learning

Improve ideological realm and personal quality: Through continuous learning, including political theory knowledge, professional knowledge, improve personal ideological realm and quality, so as to enhance work motivation and sense of responsibility.

Change the way you work

Enhance the awareness of innovation: In the work, we should continue to explore new methods and technologies to improve work efficiency and quality, but also to stimulate the enthusiasm and motivation of work.

Establish an advanced corporate culture

Corporate culture is the key to employee behavior and attitude. By establishing a corporate culture with strong execution, such as Huawei 's "Wolf culture", employees can be motivated and responsible.

Define positions and clarify responsibilities

Reduce laziness by clarifying the responsibilities of each position and ensuring that each employee is clear about their responsibilities.

Set time and check frequently

Set clear deadlines for each task and check in regularly to ensure it is completed on time.

Choose employees with self-drive

When hiring, choose employees who are self-driven, who are usually able to work spontaneously and take responsibility.

Process incentive

In daily management, through rewards, incentives and other means to meet the sense of achievement of employees, so as to improve their sense of responsibility.

Elimination mechanism

For employees who are irresponsible and do not work hard, an elimination mechanism should be adopted to ensure the overall quality and efficiency of the team.

Effectively deal with noncompliant employees

In the enterprise, there are many different kinds of employees, and in the management process, managers often encounter employees who do not obey the management. This situation, if not handled properly, can have a detrimental impact on team efficiency and morale. So, for this kind of employees, how should managers carry out effective management?

1. Make sure expectations and rules are clearly and clearly communicated.

Employee disobedience is the result, and good managers often dig into why it happens. If employees do not understand the rules or expectations, they may naturally disobey management. At this point, it is necessary for managers to clearly convey these messages again, so that employees clearly understand the company's rules and expectations of managers.

2. Having personal conversations with employees is also crucial.

Sometimes employees do not obey management, which may be due to personal reasons or work pressure. This makes it necessary to have a personal conversation with employees to understand their actual problems and try to help them solve them. Do not criticize employees indiscriminately and face to face. This way is obvious.

3. Appropriate penalties should be imposed if necessary.

If the employee does not obey the management without other improper reasons, appropriate measures can be taken to correct it, in accordance with the public system to punish the wrong behavior, such as warning or more severe measures, to ensure that the manager's instructions can be effectively implemented.

4. Providing the necessary training and support should not be neglected.

In some cases, employees do not obey management because they lack the knowledge or skills to handle the job and do not know how to operate. Therefore, providing adequate training and support is particularly necessary. However, much of the training should be planned and carried out in advance, rather than on an AD hoc basis.

All in all, the key is to maintain adequate communication with your employees, regardless of the approach you take, and to fully understand the causes of problems from their perspective. This is the key to solving such problems.

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