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Polyester FDY equipment,Polyester FDY equipment,PE FDY equipment CHIAN Polyester FDY equipment,
Polyester FDY equipment,Polyester FDY equipment,PE FDY equipment CHIAN Polyester FDY equipment,
Polyester FDY equipment
  • The spun polyester screw extruder, equipped with large area of the melt filter and with efficient static mixer and spinning beam. bottom cup-shaped or tops rectangle-shaped spinning components, lateral blow and oiling system, heating roll and switch automatic winding machine.
Product Description
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    The  spun  polyester  screw  extruder,  equipped  with  large  area  of  the  melt  filter  and  with  efficient  static  mixer  and  spinning  beam.  bottom  cup-shaped  or  tops  rectangle-shaped  spinning  components,  lateral  blow  and  oiling  system,  heating  roll  and  switch  automatic  winding  machine.

    Polyester FDY equipment main technical parameters

    Polyester FDY equipment machine parts: 2,4,6,8

    Polyester FDY equipment Spinning distance: 1200 ~ 2000mm

    Polyester FDY equipment per spinning head number: 2,4,6,8

    Polyester FDY equipment Finished silk fineness: 210D ~ 1890D

    Polyester FDY equipment Screw diameter: Φ80mm ~ Φ150mm

    Polyester FDY equipment drafting roller size: Φ190 × 330mm or Φ210 × 350mm

    Polyester FDY equipment winding speed: 1500 ~ 3000m / min

    Polyester FDY equipment for winding machine: A635 or A835


    Polyester FDY equipment main features

    l with a reinforced screw extruder, AC frequency adjustment

    l The new spinning box and mixed homogeneous melt line

    l with large plate spinneret, round top self-sealing components

    l Use a unique slow cooling device to obtain high tensile properties of the fiber

    l large area side blowing aeration device, large flow spray oil system

    l using steam phase biphenyl cycle heating system, import smart instrument control

    l using 5 pairs of draft roller for drafting and heat setting, the new terminal device

    l using domestic automatic switch winding machine

    Polyester FDY equipment, adopt  the  special  screw  extruder  with  high  static  mixer  and  spinning  beam  ,rectangular  spinning  components,  lateral  blow  and  oiling  system,  heating  roller,  bulking,  network  switch  automatic  winding  machine.

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