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Changzhou Fubon chemical fiber machinery factory is a development and production of all kinds of chemical fiber machinery as the main body of professional providers, integrating scientific research, development, production and sales as one, in order to meet market demand, our factory has established the perfect chemical fiber spinning experiment base, providing customers with good equipment and technical services.

We provide customers with complete sets of polyester, polypropylene, nylon, spandex, etc all kinds of chemical fiber equipment, and undertake all kinds of related equipment renovation and custom services.

Our equipment has been successfully exported to Iran, Russia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Turkey, and many other countries and regions. We uphold the business philosophy of quality first, dedicated to become a leading chemical fiber equipment solutions provider.

Large-Scale Production Workshop
With large-scale CNC machine tools and laser cutting center, first-class production workshop, equipped with a perfect chemical fiber spinning experimental base.
Professional Design Team
Design level leading, with the perfect manufacturing process,To provide you with the best fiber equipment program.
Strict Quality Control System
Focus on the development of chemical fiber equipment production, excellence is our Attitude, improve the mature quality control system, comprehensive protection of equipment quality
Professional Design Team
Improve the global service system, pre-sale, sale, sale through-train Services to meet customer needs, to solve customer concerns.
Global Marketing
Technology And Development
Humanity Management
Create A First-Class Products
Production of chemical fiber machinery and equipment manufacturing, research and development and sales. Companies rely on a number of well-known experts in the industry to form a technical advantage of research and development products; advanced, mature, practical technology to produce products, welcome to visit the community guidance. More