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The manager must see | with a strong team, ensure efficiency, how to build an efficient elite force of excellent management!
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To build and manage a good team is not easy, it requires a good leader, effective communication and excellent collaboration ability.

The society is very strange, the team is not good to bring, has become a common phenomenon, and the staff is not good to manage almost all managers' aspirations and problems. Strict is not good, loose is not good, in short, is in a dilemma.

How to build team cohesion

First, the direction is the most important, just like where a train goes is very important.

As a team works and lives together, goals and direction are important. Without these, you don't know what you are doing and have no motivation to move forward. With a direction, it is equivalent to taking the first step of a long march.

Second, leaders should play a leading role.

It says where the train is going, and now it depends on what the locomotive does. If the locomotive has the same goal, and has achieved the example of the team and the company, then the team will be in line with the leader, and the team will be more like a whole.

Third, the spirit of hard work and no waste.

In the early days of entrepreneurship, the most valuable thing is that we work hard together, regardless of the bad conditions or not. But wait until the conditions are good, and the living standard is improved, we should carry forward the previous quality. Will not waste and lose a good team because of depravity.

Fourth, the team has a strong sense of honor and mission.

This is given by entering the company and the team, every individual should be proud of the team and proud, for the honor of the team can sacrifice their own interests. Then this team is a positive team, not afraid of any difficulties.

5. Have an upright and positive atmosphere.

A team is most afraid of full of false and grandiose atmosphere, people are full of false, only know to flatter each other, there is no integrity. This is very scary, a good team should be mistakes immediately put forward to modify, so that they can constantly improve themselves, enhance the competitiveness and cohesion of the team.

6. Leaders and employees can share ups and downs.

This is very valuable when starting a business, and even more so when the business grows. Leaders should cherish the opportunity to be with employees and unite the company into a rope, which is an undefeated team.

Core elements of team management

Clear goal

Make sure that each team member has a shared goal and vision and is working towards it. Communicate goals and expectations clearly and make sure everyone knows their responsibilities and how to contribute to the team. Common goals can concentrate the power of a group of people together, mobilize everyone's enthusiasm, so that everyone has the direction of efforts, is the source of power for everyone to struggle.

Mutual trust building

Building trust is the key to successful team management. Team members need to trust each other's abilities and intentions and feel they can work in a supportive, understanding, and respectful environment. The establishment of trust relationship contributes to the improvement of team execution and promotes a good working atmosphere.

Managerial leadership

Effective leadership is an indispensable part of team management. Leaders need to provide guidance, support, and motivation to ensure that team members can reach their goals and achieve the vision of the entire team. A good leader must be the core element of the team and lead the whole team towards the goal.

Reasonable team building

The team is the backbone of an enterprise. To build a business, start with building a team.

There are different types of people in a team, such as dynamic, pioneering, conservative, extroverted, introverted, etc. And each person has their own unique, even others can not replace the advantages and strengths.

Each person's strengths, according to the actual work reasonable match, complementary advantages, can play the best overall combination effect. Only by finding the most suitable talent can we make the team's strength play better.

Skills to improve team execution

Unity is strength, execution is victory." This is the goal pursued by every team, but how to improve team execution is the problem faced by many team managers. How to improve team execution efficiently? Here are six tips.

1. Communicate with the team and give feedback regularly

2, clear commitment, avoid "illusion commitment"

Phantom promises are promises that others think you've made, but you haven't. As a leader, you need to communicate effectively the illusion of commitment that may arise in meetings and set an example.

3, Punctuality is trustworthy - always have a sense of time

The simple act of being punctual will instill in your team the idea that you are serious about fulfilling your commitments and paying attention to detail.

4. Credibility building is a marathon, not a sprint

5. Admitting mistakes is just as important as leading the team to success

When you make a mistake, publicly accept responsibility, share lessons learned, and then implement a better solution.

6, accountability system, high incidence of failure in incomplete task handover

Once the product is completed, it needs to be assigned to the next responsible person, a process known as task handover.

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