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Manage dry goods | how to know people well, employ people for long? Managers develop the ability to recognize people!
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It's a big question to know who to hire. There are a lot of researches and practices on this in ancient and modern China and abroad. Some people advocate "meritocracy", while others pursue "morality first".

For a company, if the staff is not good, sooner or later will suffer. If you find someone who is not suitable, you should replace them immediately. He believes that the following six people, the company to make up its mind to replace them, do not be soft.

How do managers identify and employ people

Whether it is "virtue" or "talent", in fact, can not find the perfect person. As long as it suits you and can be used for me, it is the best. The key for managers to identify and employ people is to master certain skills and methods to ensure the selection of appropriate talents.

1. Recognition ability. The first step is to assess whether the talent's abilities match the needs of the business. Managers need to ensure that people have the skills they need to get the job done, and to select people with higher skills on a merit-based basis.

2. Evaluate character. In addition to professional and technical ability, it is also necessary to examine the character and thought of talents. Choose people with professionalism and knowledge, and avoid neglecting moral requirements just because you need manpower.

3. Consider the pattern. An employee's achievement depends not only on his ability, but also on his mindset. Employees with a large structure tend to achieve higher results, while employees with a small structure may appear immature at important moments.

4. Practical test. The actual ability of the talent is tested through the performance of the actual work to ensure that the selected talent can withstand the test.

5. Embrace diversity. Everyone has their own habits and strengths. Managers should set aside personal likes and dislikes and consider hiring people as long as they are competent and of good character.

6. Observe behavior. By giving employees a certain amount of authority and responsibility, and observing how they exercise authority and assume responsibility, we can learn about their personality and behavior patterns.

The common disease of incompetent managers

As a leader, we must understand that there are no useless subordinates, only leaders who do not understand management, leaders must be able to identify people, employ people skillfully, and manage people wisely. The general is incompetent, exhausting the army! The role of a manager is like that of a general in the army, if the manager is incompetent, then even if the team members try hard, they will not succeed.

One, all the questions, all the management.

This kind of manager has seemingly endless energy and time, and needs to be personally involved in every detail. They believe that only by doing it themselves can they guarantee the quality of their work.

Second, it is necessary to seize, and it is necessary to push.

Such managers tend to be extremely self-centered people who take all the credit and success for themselves and blame all the failures and mistakes on their subordinates.

Three, work mistakes, only blame subordinates.

In the face of problems or difficulties, such managers are often unwilling to reflect on their own management strategies or guidance methods, but push the responsibility to the subordinates.

Love to draw pie, but never keep promises.

"Pie painting" is a great way to motivate and is one of the necessary skills for leadership. It can describe a bright future for the employee and guide the employee to move in this direction.

However, the staff has worked hard to achieve the goals of the team, and the pie drawn by the leader must be realized according to the words, so that the staff can taste the results of the struggle, so that he can move towards the next goal and start again; Other employees, too, will follow his example and work hard.

5. Only requirements, not responsibilities.

Such managers are often vocal in their demands without being willing or explicit about their responsibilities.

This kind of manager may achieve some results in the short term, but in the long term, it will destroy the trust and cooperation of the team.

Effective managers know people and use them well

An effective manager brings out the best in people. He knows that nothing can be accomplished by focusing only on weaknesses and shortcomings, and that in order to achieve his goals he must use his strengths - the strengths of his colleagues, the strengths of his superiors, and the strengths of himself.

The first step for managers to use people's strengths is to choose people. Effective managers choose people for appointments and promotions based on what a person can do. Therefore, his employment decision is not about how to overcome people's shortcomings, but how to give play to people's strengths.

Effective managers never ask, "Will he get along with me?" They asked, "What did he contribute?" They never ask, "What can't he do?" They asked, "What can he do?" Therefore, when they employ people, they use people who are good at one aspect, rather than people who can get by in all aspects.

People instinctively devote all their resources to a certain activity, a certain area, in the hope of achieving a certain aspect. In other words, it ignores human excellence. Because excellence usually can only be expressed in a certain aspect, at most can only be expressed in a few aspects.

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