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Textile news | The new trend of Chinese fiber fashion, build the integration of fiber industry chain to brand value chain!
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Entering March, the "Jinsan silver four" did not appear the expected explosive demand, market transactions were weak, and enterprises lacked confidence in the future market.

"Yoga fever" detonated March Eighth

Recently, the report released by the consumer platform "What is worth buying" shows that yoga products have become a new bright spot in the consumption of "38" Women's Day this year, and yoga keyword goods GMV increased by 1495% year-on-year. In addition to the continuous expansion of yoga groups, the more important reason is that yoga clothing has become an important symbol of fashion lifestyle.

Previously, the popular image of yoga was a feminine exercise, and related consumer products only appeared in specific scenes. However, in recent years, with the emergence of yoga brands such as lululemon, consumers are willing to wear comfortable clothing in more life scenes. Coupled with the continuous expansion of the product line, and the continuous entry of major clothing and even outdoor brands, more and more yoga clothing appears in different scenes such as walking and running, and more integrated into daily life, becoming the audience to express the casual, relaxed high-quality life symbol.

In addition to the explosive growth of yoga, outdoor projects such as hiking, cycling and camping are also hot. Data show that from February 29 to March 8, the platform "spring" keyword commodity GMV increased by 1608% year-on-year. The GMV of hiking and cycling related products increased by 99% and 27% respectively, the GMV of hardjacket increased by 80%, and the GMV of cross-country running shoes increased by 274%.

Build Chinese fiber brand value chain

China Fiber Trend has been committed to mining domestic high-tech fiber products, through the trend analysis and interpretation of the raw material end, the latest technology, multiple applications and cutting-edge trends of fiber are passed to downstream customers in zero distance, to promote the coordinated development of the industrial chain to provide China fiber solutions.

Wang Huaping, a researcher at the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Donghua University, made a systematic and in-depth interpretation of the fashion trend of Tongkun China fiber 2024/2025. He said that the research on the theme and chapter of the Chinese fiber fashion trend release is based on hot topics and big events such as politics, science and technology, social economy and social environment, and finally confirmed and released through hot word search, theme collection and form research. The theme of this release is "Fusion and Vientiane", which is to accumulate to be good at thinking about change, and the courage to create waves; It is also all-encompassing in the ever-changing, with extraordinary power to constantly enrich themselves and accumulate power, and then embrace the future. It represents the rebirth of China's chemical fiber people after experiencing wind and rain, insisting on breaking through their own, beyond their own perseverance quality, in the rapid change of development, to promote the solution to development problems, to provide China's solution.

In the four chapters of Tongkun · China Fiber fashion Trend 2024/2025, "Fiber Multiple Exploration" includes 7 products in 2 categories of elastic fiber and comfort fiber, representing that Chinese fiber brings comfort and enjoyment from subtle places, shapes a comfortable and pleasant lifestyle, and creates a low-key, calm and not deliberately publicized atmosphere. "Fiber Back to Nature" contains 10 kinds of products in 3 categories: bio-based chemical fiber, recycling chemical fiber and stock coloring chemical fiber, representing that China fiber is based on "green raw materials" in nature, and promotes the green and sustainable development of the textile industry chain through "green" key technologies such as recycling of waste textiles, stock coloring, and development of easy-to-dye products.

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