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Manager must see | Poor execution? What kind of ability should a good manager have?
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What about poor execution? Change of people or change of system?

This is almost all business management will encounter the problem! I do not know which immoral person misinterprets the results and the process, always saying that leaders only look at the results. absurdity

Common problems of enterprise management poor execution!

Execution is designed, we can think of, there is a gap between the high-end talents of large and small enterprises, but the source of grass-roots employees is actually similar, and the grass-roots employees of large enterprises are not all graduated from famous universities. Why did big business succeed? Or why many employees from large enterprises have no executive ability in small enterprises?

Therefore, the norms of enterprise management, to a large extent, determine the execution of employees. To take a simple example, every company tells its employees to be nice to others and polite to customers. That's an empty sentence. How far does politeness go? I think nodding is fine, but maybe the boss thinks you have to bow. If it is a service industry, it is necessary to make a direct regulation, how close the guests are to you to start smiling, greeting and bowing Angle should be specified.

You see that? The key word of execution is "must", you should do something every day, indicating that this thing is not very important, just need you to be vigilant, may one day the leader will suddenly spot check. If you change to: You have to do something every day, this is the power of institutionalization, will tell everyone, make sure not to forget to do it!

Things that should be of great significance to the survival and development of enterprises, that is to say "must" and institutionalize them. We should not blindly expect results, but clearly guarantee results.

Enterprise management is crucial to the long-term and healthy development of enterprises. There is no shortcut to management, and management is a step-by-step process. Every enterprise finds out a set of management rules that adapt to its own development in the process of enterprise growth.

What ability should a manager have?

A manager is a person who achieves the goals of a group or organization through subordinates. As a team leader, the manager has several important responsibilities:

1. Follow the company's strategic planning, combine the characteristics of the department, formulate and modify work objectives and plans;

2. Direct, coordinate, motivate and manage the work of the department, and ensure that the work of the department does not deviate from the overall strategic direction of the enterprise;

3. Fair, just, quantitative, competitive, motivating and restrictive assessment mechanism, to create and maintain a positive team atmosphere;

4. Train and improve the working ability of the employees of the department to achieve common progress of the enterprise and employees;

5. Improve the operating performance of the department and make it a profitable department of the enterprise.

An excellent manager needs to have the following qualities and abilities:

1. Should have an open mind and tolerance measure;

2. Correct outlook on life and values, as well as good behavior habits;

3. Comprehensive comprehensive quality and solid management ability;

4. Continuous learning ability, innovative thinking and insight;

5. Good coordination and communication skills, as well as team organization skills.

6. Stable temperament, pattern, superb business, organizational ability, innovation ability.

Key points of enterprise management in the digital age!

With the continuous development of science and technology, today's business management has entered the digital era. In this digital era, enterprise management needs to comprehensively promote digital upgrading at the macro and micro levels, and pay attention to the following six aspects.

First of all, enterprise management needs to implement a macro digital upgrade to strengthen the operation and management of enterprises. Enterprises can adopt big data analysis technology, integrate a large amount of data, in-depth analysis of market dynamics, so as to effectively study and judge the market development trend, formulate marketing strategies, and realize the effectiveness and intelligence of enterprise management.

Secondly, enterprise management needs to grasp the digital transformation of the economy and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. Enterprises can adopt Internet technology, launch a new service model, improve product quality, improve the management level of enterprises, so as to obtain more market share.

Third, enterprise management needs to adopt advanced information technology to achieve internal collaborative management. Enterprises can adopt cloud computing technology, establish flexible management systems, realize the sharing of organizational information within enterprises, improve management efficiency, and improve business conditions.

Fourth, enterprise management needs to pay attention to technological innovation and promote the application of science and technology. Enterprises can adopt machine learning technology to achieve intelligent management, and improve enterprise management capabilities by establishing intelligent systems to better serve customers.

Fifth, enterprise management needs to establish a security management system to protect enterprise information security. Enterprises can adopt relevant security technology and software, establish a perfect security system, and effectively protect the information security of enterprises.

Finally, enterprise management needs to pay attention to the cultivation of digital culture and enhance the digital ability of employees. Enterprises can carry out relevant training activities to cultivate employees' digital thinking, strengthen the learning of digital skills, and improve employees' digital ability, so as to better realize the upgrade of enterprise management.

In short, in order to succeed in enterprise management in the digital era, it is necessary to comprehensively promote digital upgrading, pay attention to the combination of macro and micro, and comprehensively improve data analysis, economic digitalization, information technology, technological innovation, security management and digital culture, so as to achieve the effectiveness and intelligence of enterprise management.

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