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[The marketing of nylon/cotton fabrics in autumn is smooth]
Release date:[2020/9/18] Read a total of[60]time

Recently, orders for autumn nylon/cotton fabrics in China textile city market have increased. The marketing of autumn cotton and nylon fabrics has expanded compared with the previous period. Fabrics with creative styles have been favored by customers from the north and south of the secondary market and purchasers of apparel manufacturers. Local marketing is relatively smooth and has become a marketing highlight.

Recently, the start of terminal weaving has shown a slight increase. The comprehensive operating rate of chemical fiber weaving in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is 69.36%, which is still at a relatively low load compared to previous years. The predicament of conventional grey cloth products has been heard and seen by all textile people. It can be said that all kinds of inventory backlogs and shrinking profits have been at the peak of history. However, there are few methods to adjust production strategies and change production varieties in the market, and there are still relatively many textile people who are unwilling to make breakthroughs in conventional products.

The textile industry has experienced an off-season that has not been seen in many years, and all production links and various conventional fabrics have encountered sales declines and shrinking profits. But among all the products, the most troubled and most confused in the future may be the very common conventional fabrics on the market. Although the market is not good, there are still many hot-selling products, but these products have nothing to do with conventional fabrics. In order to receive orders, it is normal for the market to allow arrears, but risks coexist. Some new customers may use quality problems to find reasons to deduct the payment. For this reason, many fabric manufacturers have raised the threshold for cooperation with new customers, and even some companies only cooperate with old customers under the current market conditions. Although the return rate of old customers is slow, they generally do not deduct the payment for no reason. The sadness of conventional fabrics can be seen more or less by textile people. The export of clothing and textiles has been blocked this year, especially the resistance to clothing exports. It is unknown whether subsequent orders will continue. Most companies are also actively looking for new growth points, and the development of new fabrics is urgent.

In the recent market, orders for autumn nylon/cotton fabrics have been enthusiastically placed, and orders for nylon/cotton leisure fabrics have increased. With 150D nylon yarn×21S/C double-weft nylon/cotton fashion cloth, 150D nylon yarn×32S/C nylon/cotton imitation Tencel fashion cloth, the bureaus, departments and cities also have flat-panel dyeing as the leading products, and each has small batches and multiple batches. Spot transactions and orders are sent out in the same department. The domestic market orders for autumn nylon/cotton fashion fabrics and nylon/cotton leisure fabrics have increased partially, and orders received are small and medium-sized, and the orders placed by counterparts in the market have increased partially. 32S/C×100D nylon yarn + 40D spandex yarn nylon cotton weft elastic Medium-thick autumn fabrics, 32S/C×140D nylon silk +40D spandex silk nylon cotton weft elastic satin medium-thick autumn fabrics, because of the hand feeling and quality better than other varieties, it has been widely ordered by domestic apparel manufacturers for many days. Some foreign trade company salespersons also have small and medium-sized batches of sample orders, and the number of counterparty customers entering the market has also increased in batches. Some front-shop and back-factory cloth companies, production enterprise marketing departments and large-scale sales outlets have marketing advantages, and Chinese and foreign orders are accepted. Increase accordingly.

In the recent China textile city market, the sales of autumn nylon/cotton fabrics have been relatively active, and the orders for counterpart fabrics have increased, and the sales of new creative fabrics have increased. Both fashionable and casual autumn nylon/cotton fabrics, cotton/nylon fabrics, and spandex-added nylon/cotton stretch fabrics, and cotton/nylon stretch fabrics have relatively smooth transactions. Nylon/cotton coated fabrics and nylon/cotton plus metal wire memory fashion Cloth, nylon/cotton plus metal wire imitation memory fashion cloth, small batches of multiple varieties, local transactions also went smoothly.

The above-mentioned autumn nylon/cotton fashion fabrics and nylon/cotton leisure fabrics, in addition to flat dyeing, also have PU, PA, PVC coated fabrics and coated composite fabrics due to their novel styles and creativity. Relatively large, daily order transactions have also risen slightly. Some cloth companies with shop fronts and factories behind, production business operators, and large-scale sales outlets, and the buyers of the corresponding apparel manufacturers are more active in placing orders for multiple varieties, and creative fabrics are added. The value is still higher than that of large-scale products. Part of the autumn medium-thick new nylon/cotton fashion fabrics are also favored by target customers. Local small batches of multiple varieties have also been traded smoothly. The marketing highlights of autumn nylon/cotton fabrics have partially appeared.

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