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[With the advent of "Golden Nine", weaving, dyeing, and finishing are short of people!]
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With the deepening of the "Golden Nine", the textile market seems to have undergone a great change. The voice of the market is no longer dominated by "decreasing prices and selling goods", but there have been long-lost price increases, dyes and dyeing fees. , Grey cloth, etc. have risen to a certain extent. In addition to the above price increase information, there have been some subtle changes in the textile market compared to the first half of the year!

In the first half of this year, due to the impact of the epidemic, foreign trade orders have almost stagnated, and domestic orders have been few. Many textile mills are in a situation of "nothing to do". In the dyeing factory, the average operating rate of the dye vat in the first half of the year was only half, and workers often gathered to chat. Faced with this situation, many cloth owners have also taken some measures. At that time, it was frequently reported that weaving factories, dyeing factories, and trading companies had dismissed many workers at once. But by September, some factories had begun to recruit workers again. What are the reasons for such a big change? I understand that most of the recruiters are weaving factories that had high temperature and long holidays before. When the long holidays were over, they found that some workers had returned to their hometowns for employment, and some had already found jobs in other places, which also led to some jobs. Gaps, so began to recruit people. There are also dyeing factories and finishing factories. A person in charge of the dyeing factory said: “Recently, due to the increase in work, our machines have been fully operational. We previously fired some workers because of fewer orders, but now we find It’s not enough. In order to keep up with the production schedule, we have to recruit workers again."

Want to keep the workers by raising wages, but Boss has more than enough energy to keep it!

Of course, some people say that workers can be retained by raising wages, but for the textile bosses, it is really too much and insufficient. This year, many weaving factories are operating at a loss, with only expenditures but no income, and some are out. You may not get the payment. Based on these reasons, some small factories with insufficient strength are simply unable to raise wages for their workers. "Now all costs are rising, including rent, water and electricity, and safety supervision. Workers also have high wage requirements. The wages of a worker in the factory are nearly 10,000 yuan, so every month it requires hundreds of thousands of funds. However, in terms of orders, the prices given by customers are very low. Now some orders can make a few cents of profit, and some take orders at a loss. This year's market, we can feed the workers and we are satisfied." A factory owner with about 40 people said .

Judging from some of the above micro-circumstances, the market in September has indeed improved, but how long this wave of market can continue to improve remains to be verified by time. And when the market does not improve significantly, the loss of workers next year may become more serious, and textile bosses need to take precautions in advance!

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