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The working efficiency of polyester POY spinning machine is high
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Polyester POY spinning machine is used for spinning polyester POY spinning, polyester POY spinning machine has high working efficiency, less waste silk and simple operation. In spinning, it brings convenience to people, and people spinning becomes relaxed and effortless, saving worry and effort. Let's take a detailed look at all aspects of the performance of polyester POY spinning machine:

Main technical parameters of polyester POY spinning machine

Polyester POY spinning machine parts: 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16

Polyester POY spinning machine spinning distance: 900~1500mm

Polyester POY spinning machine per spinning head: 6, 8, 12, 16

Polyester POY spinning machine finished silk fineness: 75D~450D

Polyester POY spinning machine winding speed: 2500~3500m/min

Polyester POY spinning machine suitable for winding machine: special manual automatic winding machine

Main features of polyester POY spinning machine

Adopt polyester special screw extruder, AC frequency conversion speed regulation

New continuous switching filter and mixed uniform melt pipeline are adopted

The spinning assembly with complete structure and convenient disassembly is adopted

Planetary gear pump with accurate calculation and quick disconnecting transmission rod with lifting tension are adopted

Adopt uniform and stable side blowing device

Spray oiling system suitable for spinning polyester is adopted

Adopt domestic manual or automatic switch winding machine

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