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Polyester POY machinery
Polyester POY machinery
Polyester POY machinery
  • Polyester POY machinery
Product Description
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    Polyester POY machinery main technical parameters

    Polyester POY mechanical machine parts: 2,4,6,8,12,16

    Polyester POY mechanical spinning pitch: 900 ~ 1500mm

    Polyester POY machine each spinning head number: 6,8,12,16

    Polyester POY mechanical finished silk fineness: 75D ~ 450D

    Polyester POY Mechanical winding speed: 2500 ~ 3500m / min

    Polyester POY machine for winding machine: dedicated manual automatic winding machine


    Polyester POY machinery main features

    l using polyester screw extruder, AC frequency control

    l The use of new continuous switching filters and mixed homogeneous melt lines

    l using the structure of the whole, easy to disassemble the spinning components

    l Calculate the precise planetary gear pump and lift the quick release drive rod

    l Use a uniform and stable side blowing device

    l Spinning oil system with spun polyester

    l use domestic manual or automatic switch winding machine

    Polyester POY machinery, adopt  the  special  screw  extruder  with  high  static  mixer  and  spinning  beam  ,rectangular  spinning  components,  lateral  blow  and  oiling  system,  heating  roller,  bulking,  network  switch  automatic  winding  machine.

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