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[Who is grasping the mainstream and hot spots in the development of printing and dyeing equipment?]
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Environmental protection, energy conservation, digital monitoring and intelligence are the top priorities in the development of printing and dyeing machinery. From the 2018 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition exhibits, it can be seen that in the new development stage, the digital monitoring technology and equipment for printing and dyeing process will have a lot of room for development. The new technology will change the production and management of the traditional printing and dyeing industry. Mode, improve production efficiency and save resources. The establishment of a digital monitoring system for printing and dyeing workshops to achieve full-process data collection will become the mainstream direction in the future.

In the development of printing and dyeing machinery, the range of application of tenter setting machine extends from traditional woven fabrics to various types of fabrics such as knitted fabrics and non-woven fabrics, and the market demand will remain high. Intermittent dyeing equipment will continue to develop low-water ratio technology and low-water consumption technology after dyeing. The rotary screen and flat screen printing machine will still be the mainstream printing equipment, and the digital inkjet printing machine is the development hotspot of the textile machinery industry.

CNC technology to improve the level of printing and dyeing machinery

With the automation level, energy saving and emission reduction effects and manufacturing quality of domestic printing and dyeing equipment, many new digital printing and dyeing equipments have reached the international advanced level, and the market share has reached more than 85%. New products and technologies introduced by domestic and foreign companies have made progress in energy-saving emission reduction, clean production and digital technology application, all showing the development direction of printing and dyeing machinery intelligent technology.

The Hengxinmen Fuji Montex 6500 Air Filtration Omni stenter from China Hengtian Lixin International Co., Ltd. combines the most advanced heat recovery and air filtration system technology. The modular design makes it more adaptable to different factory space requirements, and the device also has an intelligent control automatic cleaning function, which is moved back and forth on the collecting trough by a movable nozzle to clean the conventional filter tank.

The SOFTA high-speed sanding machine from Sanderson Lima Group offers the most advanced sanding solutions for all fabrics. The high-speed sanding process is suitable for woven and knitted fabrics, and can be single-sided or double-sided sanding according to different needs. SOFTA sanders can handle different fabrics made from natural or man-made fibers.

The application of advanced numerical control technology has laid a good foundation for the promotion of intelligent printing and dyeing system. The application of digital production monitoring system, digital pulping and automatic distribution system can not only ensure the preparation accuracy and reproducibility of dyeing materials, but also clean it. Production, reducing the labor intensity of workers and stabilizing product quality have also been recognized by more and more users.

Hengtian Lixin and the door Fuji Group jointly demonstrated the Qualitex 800 control system. When used with the Web-UI application, the remote visualization of Monforts technology equipment can be realized through a smartphone or tablet computer. This system simplifies the process, reduces the time required for the operator to become familiar with the new system, and provides complete control over all machine parameters.

The automatic computerized pulping system exhibited by Hangzhou Open Source Computer Technology Co., Ltd. is equipped with a self-developed hard joint telescopic intermediate hair distribution as the core distribution system, unattended mother liquid storage system, and paste preparation system for loading automatic powder feeding device. Automatic weighing and chemical system, and the international level of printing automatic adjustment.

The application of numerical control technology has also gradually improved the process flow of knitted fabric continuous wet processing equipment, making it easier for users to accept. Zhejiang Lianke Machinery Co., Ltd.'s continuous bleaching washing machine has a high degree of automation control, and the whole machine production operation is fully automatic, including production data visualization, historical record query, production consumable warning prompt, equipment failure list prompt, etc. The control system is configured with process recipe management functions to improve operational simplicity.

In addition, at this exhibition, the number of visual inspection equipment for printing and dyeing machinery increased significantly. Changzhou Hongda Electric Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Changling Textile Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. exhibited a prototype of automatic inspection machine, which can be seen as an alternative to manual inspection. The development of this technology is being promoted.

Energy saving and emission reduction is still the main line of printing and dyeing equipment development

Energy conservation and emission reduction will continue to be the main line of development of printing and dyeing machinery technology. The national environmental protection policy has been tightened and printing and dyeing enterprises have moved into the park, making energy-saving printing and dyeing equipment the mainstream of development.

The eighth generation energy-saving and environmental protection hot air tenter setting machine displayed by Yuanxin Industrial Co., Ltd. is equipped with automatic filter net device. Through the rotary filter screen, the online and gap type dust dust is automatically filtered and processed centrally to ensure the inside of the drying room. The smooth flow of the air duct, while reducing the labor intensity of employees; the thermal energy reuse device, through the heat exchange fluid in the heat exchange tube for efficient heat exchange, to achieve thermal energy recycling, effectively reducing energy consumption and emissions.

STORM's new environmentally-friendly gas-liquid atomization dyeing machine exhibited by Deyijia Machinery Jiangsu Co., Ltd. can realize three functions of airflow atomization, gas-liquid dyeing and overflow dyeing, compared with similar products on the market: low-energy double-outlet system The power consumption of the tube is as low as 3.5Kw; the wind power is increased by 30%; the width of the floor is reduced by 1.5~2 meters; the trouble-free operation time of the fan is extended by 50%. The KOALA Circulating Environmental Dyeing Machine has a minimum bath ratio of 1:4. At the same time, the T series has been launched for thick and heavy terry cloth, which has made a major breakthrough in the leveling of fabrics that are easy to crease. The fifth generation of the new KOALA plus model increases the single-tube load to 350KG.

The TH-LA-B series ultra-low bath ratio energy-saving dyeing machine of Wuxi Tonghua Dyeing and Finishing Machinery Co., Ltd. can have a bath ratio as low as 1:4 to 1:5; the capacity can be increased by about 50% on the basis of the original. The built-in composite reducer guide tube minimizes tension and effectively removes the warp crease.

“Waterless dyeing” is an ideal target for the printing and dyeing industry and dyeing machine manufacturers, but the key technologies are still unconquered. The “waterless low-carbon and less-duty dyeing machine” exhibited by Dongguan Jinyinfeng Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. has attracted the attention of the industry. The “nano-scale” disperse dyeing solution and special equipment developed by Jinyinfeng Company explored an efficient and water-saving way for continuous dyeing of polyester woven fabrics for non-clothing and home textiles.

Personalized customization makes printing and dyeing equipment more attractive

With the improvement of the intelligent level of printing and dyeing equipment, personalization has become a hot spot in the market. In recent years, with the market's rapid response, rich colors, customizable production, and environmentally friendly advantages, the technology of digital inkjet printing machines has been rapidly developed, and new models have emerged in an endless stream, including high-precision reciprocating scanners and high-speed singles. -Pass equipment, both screen printing + digital inkjet combined machine, also has a wide paper machine. Domestic inks have made rapid progress and promoted the development of digital inkjet printing industry. Active water is the mainstream of digital printing, and the application of coating ink is gradually expanding.

The VEGA3000P ultra-high-speed digital printing machine exhibited by Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has the advantages of low-cost and low-cost products. It adopts a stable machine structure and is equipped with industrial-grade high-precision nozzles. It can support 4 colors and 6 colors, and supports 1.8. Rice and 2.5 meters wide, the daily output is up to 10,000 meters. Intelligent management of output and ink volume can be realized in daily use, which effectively saves ink consumption and supports different transfer media such as 48g, 80g, 100g. Smooth and efficient continuous belt transfer medium, automatic constant tension synchronous unwinding and linear motor can be more worry-free and assured in digital printing production, with Honghua special color management software.

The T-Press printing machine of Black Mai Digital Technology Co., Ltd. uses KONICA TP9 nozzles and supports 16/32 nozzles. The printing speed is higher. The machine adopts a variable point ink drop nozzle, an interval flashing automatic maintenance system, an automatic retractable cloth tensioning system, a guide belt automatic cleaning, and an infrared heating drying. The machine is suitable for roll-to-roll material, the widest width is 1.85 meters, suitable for cotton, silk, hemp, polyester and other fabrics, 4/6/8 color ink is optional.

The combination of strong and strong, expanding the field of equipment application is also a new trend in the development of printing and dyeing equipment. The rotary digital combination machine of Fujian Haolong Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. can realize the functions of rotary screen and digital mixed printing, and can fully utilize the advantages of two printing modes: rotary screen printing and digital printing.

The equipment has low production cost, and the digital printing ink usage only needs about 30% of the pure digital printing ink usage; there is no need to increase the number of printing passes to make up for the large color of the digital printing machine which is prone to printing problems; special printing can be realized Special printing of plastics that cannot be completed by digital printing; greatly reducing the cost and time of production of rotary net/flat screen.

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