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[Take a look when you are confused! Ten habits of self-management!]
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The biggest enemy of man is often himself. What a person eventually mixes, the big reason is that he is caused by mediocrity or achievement, just what he did when he was confused.

Many people say that I don't know what to do and how to do it. Then, Xiao Bian suggests that you should do yourself first, manage yourself, and develop the ten self-management habits.


Handle the emotions first, then deal with things

Napoleon said that those who can control their emotions are greater than the generals who can win a city.

Dealing with emotions first, then dealing with things, people doing things when their emotions are out of control, often end up regretting.

If you encounter unhappy things at work, don't complain to your colleagues, you can't solve problems, and it will cause more troubles; let alone face conflicts with leaders, because the results will often make you more painful.

It is not for you to accept it, not to have temper, but to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, not to infinitely enlarge the already bad things, until you can't afford it, regret it.

90% of the misfortunes in life are because you can't control your emotions very well, work so, and life is the same.


Manage time, don't be ruined

Liang Shiqiu said that no one does not care for his life, but few people cherish his time.

The gap between people is widened, largely depending on how they use time.

Good people always invest in themselves and accumulate life; while those who are mediocre tend to eat, drink, and enjoy life.

Please keep in mind that young days are not long. If you lose your money today, you will lose forever and will not return.

Suggestion: Uninstall applications that may ruin your time, such as games; don't do "Mr. Stepper" or "Miss Just Miss" ten minutes in advance.


Adjust your mind and always hope

When people are in a trough, they are often accompanied by anxiety and despair. Because life is never a straight line, there will always be ups and downs, and there are many unsatisfactory things.

The secret of life is that the more desperate you are, the more it bullies you; the more optimistic you are, the better it treats you!

We always say that attitudes often determine the success or failure of a thing, because if you give up, it really ends.

I really like the words of Wilde: Even if you are in the gutter, someone is looking up at the stars.


Take care of your mouth and talk well

Luo Zhenyu said that in the workplace or in contemporary society, the most important ability is the ability to express!

As the saying goes, the disease comes from the mouth, and the evil comes from the mouth. The first impression a person gives to others often begins at the moment when he speaks. Someone speaks like a spring breeze. When someone opens, it makes people feel uncomfortable.

Those who can talk often have a better life.

Suggestion: Manage your mouth, talk less and listen more; before you speak, first pass your brain and change your position to think about other people's feelings.


No delay: today's business, today's

Many people are always used to dragging today's affairs to do tomorrow, both anxious about the current predicament, but unable to act.

Your arrears today will become future debts, and what you delay will eventually end up.

Suggestion: List the important to-do items of the day every morning, not to fight, but to do today's business, today.

If one day you are no longer procrastinating, the confusion will leave you.


Investment ability, maintain competitiveness

In this era, you want to get out of the confusion, only relying on talent and ability, this is also the most reliable key to breaking.

It's time to step out of the comfort zone, invest in your ability, recharge and learn to keep yourself competitive.

Someone asked, I am confused, I don’t know what to learn?

If you don't learn anything, you can't talk, you can learn to speak; if you don't speak English well, you can learn English; if you don't do well, and your efficiency is not high, then you should improve your work skills and find efficient methods...

When you are good enough, the road ahead will be wider and wider.


Invest in the body and stick to exercise

As the age grows, more and more people understand the importance of health, and at the same time, they must pay attention to health.

In exchange for health, it is a very uneconomical deal in the long run. The savings you have worked hard for many years may be thrown to the hospital overnight.

If you can't make money for a while, then hope that you can have at least a good body.

Struggling and investing in the body are not in conflict, but you don't know how to weigh and arrange.

It is recommended that you take an hour of exercise every day, staying up late!


List goals and make a clear person

Many good people are very clear people. He knows what he needs and knows what he is doing for it.

Someone gave up the superior treatment of a big company and turned to a small company with a flat salary because he knew what he needed at the current stage. He wanted a quick improvement in his ability to do things, and small companies had more opportunities.

I hope that you can list your target on a night of insomnia, and the big goal can be broken down into small goals.

Determining the direction of running is often more efficient and more meaningful.


Wealth management, don't waste money

When you are poor, you need to manage your wealth. Every penny has to be counted, and you have to spend a limited amount of money on the cutting edge. Don't spoil.

When you have a certain economic foundation, you also need to manage wealth and use money to make yourself more valuable, such as renting a house close to the company; reporting an English tutoring class; and buying two sets of socially-friendly clothes for yourself; Buy gifts for your lover and parents...

When your economy is more affluent, you also need to manage your wealth. Don't let the money lie there and lose value.

The more people who use wealth, the faster they rise!


Reading a book every day, no success

Finally, it is recommended to take one hour a day to read the book.

Many people don't like reading books, and they don't want to go in, but they still have to tell you: people who read books and don't read books are always two levels.

This has nothing to do with success. It is related to temperament, talk, cultivation, learning, and mood. Maybe you haven't earned much money when you read a lifetime book, but your heart will be rich and full.

Measuring success is not just money and rights, but also a soul.

At the end of life, you can be less successful, but you should be a person who knows how to work hard, a person who is full of heart, and a happy person.

These ten self-management habits determine what a person's life will eventually be!


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