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| How can managers cope with the loss of talents when employees change jobs frequently and cannot retain them?
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Leaders do not understand the management of people, employees frequently leave, there are often such problems, employees do not work passionately, the system can not be implemented, can not retain people, managers into the management minefield? Managers dare not control employees, a little strict, employees will quit.

Companies can't keep people, so what's the problem?

In the workplace, there is a phenomenon that has been troubling business owners, some employees came to the enterprise is equivalent to a novice, do not understand anything, the company boss taught them everything they should learn, but they learned to quit and leave. Companies can't keep people? What's the problem?

If a company's employees are leaving frequently, it is a sign that there is a problem within the company, so what is the reason why the company is unable to retain employees? There are several reasons for this:

Effort is not proportional to gain

Social development is fast, enterprises also have to keep up with the pace, there is no doubt that the workload is very large. But at the same time, the dividend era of people has gradually gone, high labor costs, employees' income can not be proportional to their own pay, such as monthly income is 5,000 yuan, but the workload is several times, put forward a salary, the boss refused for various reasons. In the long run, the employee's heart is definitely not willing to leave.

The company's personnel structure is too complex

Some enterprises have a large platform and set up a human resource structure, thinking that this is effective management. However, sometimes this will make it more difficult for employees to communicate or work. For example, for a simple approval work, ordinary employees need to submit the signatures of different leaders for approval. Or some ordinary employees have strong executive ability, but due to the complex relationship between upper leaders, they can not play their own level, and the talent in their heart causes them to leave the company.

Not satisfied with the company's development prospects

If you have doubts about the company's development prospects, it is a sign that employees are wavering and leaving. Especially now after 90, 00, if they feel no sense of the company's future development prospects, or even dissatisfied, young people leave directly without saying a word, after all, the company's prospects are also related to the career development of employees.

Employee "job-hopping" management coping strategies

Whether it is employee job-hopping or employee being dismissed due to unqualified ability, it is a kind of personnel flow for enterprises, which will always affect the stability of the enterprise team. As a business leader, in the face of employees' "job-hopping", what are the coping strategies for brain drain?

Countermeasure 1: Make good recruitment and reduce the cost of unqualified talents being resigned or leaving

In order to reduce the turnover rate and reduce the troubles caused by employee job-hopping, it is necessary for managers to start from the recruitment, select good people, and find the most suitable talents.

Countermeasure 2: Create cohesion, let the enterprise as a family to give talents a sense of belonging

Truly excellent corporate culture is the culture of the home, can build feelings with employees, let employees feel at ease, let employees have a sense of belonging. In such a team, employees will be full of positive energy, will be happy, will forge ahead. Therefore, excellent corporate culture is the power to unite people and the magic weapon to retain talents.

Countermeasure 3: Provide enough training opportunities to provide a large platform for talent development

The importance of employee training for enterprises. Enterprise managers must change their understanding, and further transform from the past selection and employment to educating and creating people. Only by constantly allowing employees to be promoted, employees will be more energetic and enterprising, and enterprises will be more hopeful.

Strategy 4: Enrich the incentive mechanism of enterprises to retain more talents

Good incentive mechanism can make employees full of energy, the enterprise through the material and spiritual level of incentive measures, can effectively stimulate the staff's ambition, challenge, dedication and responsibility, so as to achieve better performance.

There are various ways to motivate, managers should be flexible and changeable to motivate employees, so that employees are full of vitality, so that the enterprise is full of hope.

Countermeasure 5: Dismiss those who should resign, keep those who should stay, and maintain the reasonable flow of enterprise talents.

The sense of fairness is very important in an enterprise. It is necessary to find ways to eliminate employees with insufficient ability, low quality, poor performance and hindering the development of the enterprise. Otherwise, they not only affect the efficiency of the entire team and affect the image of the company, but also create a sense of injustice.

The dismissed must be dismissed, the left must remain, so that the enterprise to maintain a "competent, mediocre under" atmosphere, let employees know that as long as their own efforts, will be reused. Employees will naturally stay and work hard.

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