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Management skills | Do managers keep a "distance" from their subordinates? Look at the excellent leader to deal with subordinates before the relationship!
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How managers and subordinates get along with each other

In today's society, bad management of employees is almost all managers' aspirations and problems. Strict is not good, loose is not good, in short, is in a dilemma.

The core of management lies in the manager, and people are naturally efficient when they are happy. A manager must understand the cultivation of interpersonal relationships, if he does not understand interpersonal relationships, then he will not be able to move.

How do managers improve employee relations

As a leader, you have three core responsibilities: First, you need to build a feedback culture; Secondly, build a centripetal team; Finally, promote teamwork to achieve work results.

So how do managers get along with their employees? Emotionally intelligent managers do this.

Don't yell to your face

Everyone has self-esteem, if an employee makes a mistake, please do not scold him to his face, especially in the presence of many employees, if you scold him to his face, it will make him embarrassed, if his temper is offended, and you contradict, then you will be very embarrassed. The best way is to find a separate place where the two of you can open up and solve problems and help him improve, which will not only protect his face, but also maintain your relationship.

Pay more compliments

Praise is the greatest power in the world, learn to encourage and praise, you will have an endless source of energy. When you praise the employee, the employee's mood will become beautiful, the motivation will be more sufficient, the efficiency will be more improved, on the contrary, if you criticize him, he will become depressed the whole day, the work efficiency is low, the final loss is still the company.

Surprise employees

Life needs a sense of ritual, employees often work in the company, doing the same thing, it is inevitable that sometimes numb, managers should surprise employees from time to time, harmonizing interpersonal relations. A holiday blessing, a birthday greeting, this will let employees feel that the company has him in the heart.

Treat as equals

Everyone is an equal individual, the core of maintaining a good interpersonal relationship is equal treatment, although he may be lower than you in the company, but he is equal to you in other aspects, when you treat everyone equally, your words will be more credible. On the contrary, if you use your position to oppress others, then your interpersonal relationships will become very bad virtually.

Managers need to master communication methods

Whether in life or in the workplace, communication is the best way to bring people closer to each other and solve problems. As a manager, you should understand that good management skills are actually the process of communicating with employees. As long as you and employees can communicate effectively, you can understand each other's ideas better and cooperate naturally more easily and happily.

1. Communicate with adults

There are generally three kinds of mentality in communication, that is, adult mentality, child mentality and parent mentality.

The mentality of parents is condescending, standing in the perspective of elders, criticizing and accusing, demanding others, is not conducive to effective communication. The child mentality is too focused on the self, delegating responsibility to the problem without solving it.

So, use an adult mindset in your communication.

2. Put yourself in others' shoes and treat others as you would like to be treated

Before each communication, managers should do some understanding of the person they are communicating with.

Have empathy and learn to put yourself in others' shoes.

The so-called empathy is to understand each other from the other side's point of view: what the other side is interested in, what the other side cares about. Then adopt different communication strategies according to different people.

3. Master the Johari window to improve the efficiency of communication

Improve the efficiency of communication The so-called Johari window, according to the four elements of others know, others do not know, they know, they do not know, everyone's communication information is divided into four modules, respectively, open area, hidden area, blind area and unknown area.

1, public area: you know other people also know things, such as name, hobbies, work information, etc. The more information in this area is open, the more others will know about you and the better the communication will be.

2. Hidden areas: You know things that others don't know. Such as their own motives, desires, etc., the information in this area should be published moderately (some can be published, some can not be published).

3, blind area: others know what they do not know, such as others' evaluation of you, etc., the strategy of this area is to try to find opportunities to understand others' views of you and improve others' misunderstandings of you;

4, unknown area: others do not know what they do not know, such as your potential, this area can be found by chance.

Managers hold the balance of fairness

The fairness of a leader to his subordinates is the secret weapon to win the hearts of the team. Only a fair and selfless attitude can stimulate the enthusiasm of team members and enhance the cohesion of the team. Leaders should always bear in mind the word fairness, treat every subordinate with a fair attitude, and let them exert their maximum potential in a fair environment.

1. Managers should treat subordinates equally when dealing with them, regardless of distance or proximity. Not because of objective or personal subjective emotions, the performance of cold and hot.

Managers should appropriately increase communication with subordinates who have different personalities and hobbies, especially for those who have opposed themselves and opposed the wrong employees, but also need to communicate feelings frequently to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings and estrangement that may be caused.

2. Fair evaluation of employees is a common denominator of good managers. In order to evaluate employees, they get to know them on a regular basis. As the saying goes, "A good memory is better than a bad pen." The mind only remembers what happened in a short period of time, and the performance of employees is only reflected through long-term work. Only by paying attention to their behavior over a long period of time can we really understand them.

3, we must give employees a fair and reasonable impression, let them feel that everyone is equal, the opportunity is equal, they will work hard, will work hard. In this way, it will be good for the person who has made achievements, help him to guard against arrogance and impetuous, and constantly make progress.

Of course, employees who do a good job should be praised, but praise when praise is due, praise when praise is due, and usually should be treated equally with other employees.

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