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Sanming promotes high-quality development of textile industry
Release date: [2024/5/30]  Read total of [38] times

On May 28, the reporter learned from the "Huming Cooperation", "Shanhai Cooperation" and high-quality development conference of textile industry in Youxi County that the spinning scale of the city has exceeded 3 million spindles, ranking second in the province; Vinylon staple fiber production capacity of 59,000 tons, accounting for 60% of the domestic market.

Sanming is one of the important birthplaces of Fujian textile industry. For a long time, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to the development of the textile industry, strengthen the overall planning of the city's "one game", and accelerate the promotion of the high-end textile industry chain "extending the chain to supplement the chain". The industrial development shows vigor and vitality, and has formed a relatively complete industrial chain such as chemical fiber, spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, and industrial textiles and clothing.

Strong organizational leadership provides a solid guarantee for the high-quality development of the textile industry. The city set up Sanming high-end textile industry chain work class, at the same time set up a special class for investment work, select the long chain units, the competent force of the relevant counties (cities, districts), hire industry experts as investment specialists, regularly study the relevant work, form a special class to promote the implementation of the work pattern of cooperation among the member units, ensure the timeliness of decision-making and contact, improve the overall work efficiency, Effectively promote the development of high-end textile industry and improve industrial competitiveness. Nine key projects under construction in the city completed an investment of 521 million yuan in the first quarter, of which spruce textile with an annual output of 400,000 ingots multi-functional differentiated yarn blending phase I project has been put into production to achieve a production capacity of 100,000 ingots.

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