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Light market continuation, spinning enterprises how to win the "protracted war"?
Release date: [2024/5/15]  Read total of [13] times

The "May Day" holiday has passed, and the yarn market continues to slump.

Some operators predict that the downturn in downstream demand may be a "protracted war". Facing the current situation, how to adjust the mentality, find the right direction, and get ready? Many spinning companies already have the answer in mind.

The market is difficult to plan

"At present, China's textile production capacity accounts for about 50% of the world, from a global perspective, we still have a lot of room for development, enterprises do not necessarily only focus on the domestic market." No matter how the industrial structure is adjusted, I hope all enterprises can find their own positioning, do their own things, and take their own high-quality development road." China cotton textile Industry Association supervisor Zhu Beina said. She believes that no matter what the market is, the spinning enterprise's own planning should be clear. China's cotton textile industry has always been committed to improving quality, empowering technology, improving management efficiency, and actively promoting the application of new raw materials, process technology improvement, production management level improvement, measurement and testing technology progress, and ultimately achieving the improvement of product quality.

Preemptive layout and advance planning is already the consensus of many spinning enterprises, especially for the old spinning enterprises that have experienced the ups and downs of the industry.

Change the number of ideas to improve production capacity

It is a common choice and topic for spinning enterprises and even industrial clusters to carry out intellectual transformation and accelerate industrial upgrading.

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