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Textile news | grey fabric market hot volume, production capacity has been greatly increased, the textile market turnaround is coming?
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From January to March this year, the momentum of China's home textile exports stabilized, with cumulative exports of 7.39 billion US dollars, an increase of 3.2% over the same period in 2019, an increase of 27.4%. The export market showed a trend of differentiation, exports to the United States, the European Union, Central Asia and other regions increased, and exports to ASEAN, Japan and other regions declined.

China's home textile exports have stabilized

In addition to towels and blankets, the main categories of commodities have achieved growth.

From January to March, towel exports continued to decline, blankets fell slightly, and exports of other products achieved varying degrees of growth.

Specifically, bedding exports were $3.2 billion, up 3.3% year on year; Carpet exports were 700 million US dollars, down 2.7%; Carpet exports were 1.01 billion US dollars, up 6.6%; Washing-up and kitchen textiles exports amounted to US $750 million, up 12.6%; Curtain exports of 680 million US dollars, up 4.8%; Towel exports were 470 million US dollars, down 17.3%; The export of tablecloth was 180 million US dollars, up 16.6%; Exports of other products amounted to 410 million US dollars, an increase of 11.1%.

From the main market situation, the first two months of the United States home textile imports increased slightly, for the first time since the beginning of 2023 to achieve positive growth, imports from China also showed a steady trend. At the same time, the import demand of the European Union and Japan is also slowly recovering, and China still maintains a large advantage for its home textile exports. In terms of emerging markets, markets such as Central Asia and Latin America have large market potential, which is worth the attention of our home textile export enterprises.

Looking forward to the future, the US consumer demand is still resilient, the inventory replenishment cycle opened, and the US retail sales continued to grow 0.7% in March. At the same time, the trend of consumption downgrade is obvious, home textile discount store sales are unusually hot, discount retail giant net sales increased by 13% in the fourth quarter, in the global economic situation and trade environment is still complex and severe macro background, the improvement of external demand will provide certain support for the steady quality of China's home textile foreign trade volume.

Central Asia textile industry chain matchmaking conference held

On the afternoon of May 6, 2024, "Into Keqiao" Central Asian textile industry chain matchmaking Conference (Kyrgyzstan special event) was held. Aktilek Musayeva, Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to China, and Chen Hao, Secretary of the CPC Shaoxing Keqiao District Party Committee delivered speeches respectively.

At the docking meeting, the two sides respectively introduced the economic and social development of Keqiao District, the development of textile printing and dyeing industry in Keqiao District and the development of Kyrgyzstan's textile industry; Keqiao District International Chamber of Commerce and Kyrgyzstan Textile Sewing Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Chen Hao pointed out that the textile industry of Central Asian countries has a deep accumulation, a long history and rich resources, which is highly consistent with the industrial form and foreign trade structure of Keqiao. With the in-depth implementation of the "Belt and Road" initiative, Keqiao and Central Asia have more frequent trade exchanges in the textile field, especially since 2023, Central Asia has become an important partner of Keqiao textile trade. Keqiao will continue to deeply cultivate the "Belt and Road", vigorously implement the "Sweet potato economy" to upgrade the "No. 1 Open Project", efficiently operate the China-Europe railway "Shaoxing Keqiao", continue to optimize the overseas sales network, and promote enterprises to go out at a higher level. It is hoped that through this matchmaking meeting, more Central Asian friends will know Keqiao, enter Keqiao and fall in love with Keqiao, promote deeper cooperation between the two sides, and join hands to create a better future of modern "International textile capital".

In recent years, our region has seized the opportunity of "The Belt and Road", vigorously implemented the "Silk Road Keqiao · All over the world" action, and actively expanded the Central Asian market. In 2023, Keqiao Region exported 6.225 billion yuan to five countries in Central Asia, an increase of 43% year-on-year, of which 1.948 billion yuan was exported to Kyrgyzstan, an increase of 149.77% year-on-year, with a rapid growth momentum. It fully demonstrates the huge economic and trade potential between Keqiao and Central Asia.

Grey cloth price crazy inner volume

According to the China Filament Weaving Association statistics, as of the end of 2023, China's filament weaving industry loom scale reached 927,000, of which 855,000 water jet looms, an increase of 11%. The total annual output in 2023 reached 63.1 billion meters, an increase of 6.1% year-on-year. Loom production capacity of emerging industrial clusters accounted for 65.3% of the total production capacity, an increase of 5.7 percentage points compared with 2022.

Grey cloth price crazy inner volume

Due to the increasing production capacity of filament weaving, the price of grey cloth produced by manufacturers is also becoming more and more curly, and some time ago, the dyeing factory burst, the current life of many textile factories is actually not easy.

At present, the dyeing factory is producing at full capacity, and some orders are in line. In the face of the prosperity of the market, textile enterprises and printing and dyeing factories need to strengthen production scheduling, optimize the production process, and improve production efficiency.

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