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"Big coffee in the fashion industry" speaks of intangible cultural heritage fashion innovation
Release date: [2024/5/8]  Read total of [26] times

On the morning of May 7, the intangible cultural Heritage Fashion Innovation Salon, co-sponsored by the Construction Management Committee of China Textile City in Keqiao District and the Chinese Clothing Culture Center of Fu Jen University in Taiwan, was held in the living room of CBD8 of Keqiao Zhongfei. "Fashion industry big coffee" from all over the world gathered in the Textile City to jointly explore the development footprint of Chinese clothing culture.

In recent years, textile intangible cultural heritage has developed in a multi-dimensional innovation mode by integrating into brands, creating IP, introducing technology, and moving toward fashion, which has gradually opened a new situation of multi-element collision. At the event, around the topic of intangible cultural heritage, He Zhaohua, dean of the School of Textiles and Clothing of Taiwan Furen University, based on research results, decoded the mystery of Miao nationality clothing and patterns in Qingshuijiangge, Guizhou; Feng Sansan, a fashion designer, and Li Nianzu, a well-known media person and researcher of cultural relics collection, shared their thoughts on intangible cultural heritage design and cultural creation respectively.

In addition, in order to further gather the new strength of design and promote the exchange and cooperation of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship among young designers, the event also launched a "roundtable" on the two topics of how to activate intangible cultural heritage elements to promote youth innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities and enhance the new quality productivity of the textile and fashion industry. "I hope to use the platform as a medium to let more young designers in the fashion industry have more space for creative display, and inject 'old flavor' and 'new vitality' into the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry in the future and the creation of new brands." Star Chuang share international designer platform manager CAI Peihua said.

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