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Fubon machinery polypropylene spinning machine source manufacturers
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Polypropylene spinning machine source manufacturer looking for Changzhou Fubang chemical fiber Machinery factory, Fubang machinery polypropylene spinning machine equipment purchase model complete, industry years of experience, quality assurance.

Fubon machinery polypropylene spinning machine product Use equipment for spinning polypropylene polypropylene FDY yarn, polypropylene spinning machine spinning silk is mainly used to make bags, webbing, furniture cloth, decorative curtain, rope, packaging cloth, sewing thread, carpet base cloth, net and so on.

What are the main components of Fubon polypropylene spinning machine?

1, automatic feeding machine

2, masterbatch injection machine

3, screw extruder

4, pre-filter (selected by the user)

5. Spinning box and components

6. Metering pump and transmission

7. Side wind and tunnel

8. Draft hot roller

9. Winding frame and oil nozzle (tanker) oiling device

10, network device

11, automatic winding machine

12, electronic control system: including screw pressure control cabinet, spinning box temperature control cabinet, draft temperature control cabinet, draft frequency conversion cabinet, winding frequency conversion cabinet and conventional electrical control system.

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