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| Employees begin to lie down and slack off, how emotionally intelligent managers break the situation and refuse to put rotten!
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The word "pendulum" is a hot word on the Internet, referring to people under extremely high pressure, and finally choose to give up the struggle, give up a state of enterprise, and the opposite of the internal volume.

As a manager, how to look at "bad", excellent employees began to bad, what kind of message to the team?

Why are good employees so bad?

The reason why the word "rotten" can be hot for such a long time is also related to our social phenomenon. The workplace is never short of good employees, the lack of good leaders. Good leaders often lead a good team, on the contrary, a bad leader, good employees will become bad employees, this is like a tank of water is black, then white people go in, will gradually be dyed black.

First of all, good and bad

There are many companies have this situation, employees do more and do well, and those who do less and do poorly, the income is no different, and there is no special reuse by the leader, which gives employees a strong hint, since do more and do less, do good and do bad is also the same, then who has the motivation to do more and do well? In the long run, more and more good employees will start to touch fish and rot from active work.

And two, the more you do, the more you take the blame

Good employees rotten, often start from the back pot, good employees have strong ability, take over the work will be more than others, but the more you do, the chance of error will be much higher, you do ten things twice wrong, others do three things once wrong, bad leadership no matter how hard you do a few things, he will always look at the results, you are wrong twice, others only wrong once, He didn't scold you. Who did he scold?

In this atmosphere, good employees also learned to cheat and play slippery, develop a "slow, drag, push, hide, float" work style, can do less never do more, can push never take over, can slow never fast, become a veritable bad employee.

Third, talk is better than action

This society needs more people who work hard, and only those who focus on doing things can promote social progress, but in the real workplace.

As long as the leader is happy, as long as there is a little relationship, the work is still a mess of promotion and salary, and those good employees who work hard, hard, and not the favor of the leader, in this case, good employees understand that no matter how hard they work, they can not catch up with those who can say will shoot, and have relationships, it is better to lie flat and put rotten.

A bad display is also discouraging employees

Employees are one of the most important assets in a business. The presence and development of good employees is crucial to the success of a company. However, sometimes even the best employees get frustrated and disappointed, which can cause them to start becoming unproductive or underperforming. So, what is it that makes a good employee start to rot?

A lack of challenging work assignments is a common cause of disappointment for good employees. A good employee craves meaningful and challenging assignments that allow them to reach their potential and continue to grow. However, if they are consistently assigned repetitive, boring, or low-level tasks, good employees may feel that their abilities are not being fully utilized, causing them to lose motivation and interest.

Lack of career development opportunities is also one of the reasons good employees are discouraged. A good employee is eager to grow and progress in his career. If the company does not provide training, promotions, or other career development opportunities, good employees may feel that their efforts are not valued and rewarded and begin to lose confidence and motivation in their work.

Lack of a good communication and support system is also one of the reasons why good employees are cold. If an employee is having problems or difficulties at work and can't find the right person to offer help and guidance, they may feel abandoned and unvalued. And, if the company's lines of communication are not open or management lacks the will to build a good relationship with employees, good employees may feel unable to get the support and understanding they deserve, and begin to develop negative feelings about their jobs.

Managers face a lying down strategy

Managers should take some active measures and learn more effective management skills to promote the growth of subordinates, help them become more valuable employees, and effectively enhance the competitiveness of the whole team. In the face of lying flat and rotten subordinates need to adopt certain coping strategies.

1. Know the truth about your subordinates

Understand why your subordinates are showing a flat attitude because of lack of motivation, lack of ability, or a loss of enthusiasm for the job. To understand these reasons, we can take more effective ways to solve them.

2. Communication and encouragement

Communicate with subordinates to understand their confusion and shortcomings, point out their shortcomings and put forward suggestions for improvement. At the same time, express encouragement, support and help.

Step 3 Motivate

Motivation is one of the important means, through positive feedback, rewards and other ways to motivate subordinates, express their recognition and support, so that they feel their value and contributions are recognized.

4. Apply the right amount of pressure

Appropriate pressure can make subordinates understand that the work must be taken care of instead of lying flat and rotten all the time. Reasonable pressure and incentives should be applied to subordinates who are too indulging, so as to promote them to shoulder more responsibilities and enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency for work.

5. Training and promotion

Subordinates may lack abilities and skills. At this time, we should pay attention to their training and promotion, so as to obtain more knowledge and skills and qualifications. We also need to help them set reasonable goals and provide guidance.

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