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Textile news | With the rise of hardcore outdoor sunscreen products, can the sunscreen economy drive the textile fabric market?
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Textile exports grew steadily in the first quarter

In March, China's textile and apparel exports to the world were 20.82 billion US dollars, which was affected by a higher base in the same period last year, down 17.2% (down 13.8% in RMB terms). Among them, textile exports were 10.38 billion US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 16.8% (13.4% year-on-year decrease in RMB); Garment exports were $10.43 billion, down 17.6% year-on-year (down 14.2% in yuan terms).

January to February, China's textile industry to the main export market trade to achieve stable growth. Among them, China's export of textiles and clothing to ASEAN was 75.6 US dollars, an increase of 12.3%. In particular, exports to Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia rose by 42.4%, 23.8% and 14.7% year-on-year. With the gradual release of consumer demand, in the first two months, the amount of textiles and clothing exported to the United States and the European Union rose by 19.3% and 14.1% respectively. However, according to March export Bulletin data, exports to some markets are expected to decline.

From the overall trend, the current foreign trade of the textile industry is still under pressure, the recovery of external demand has not yet stabilized, and the industry still needs to further accelerate the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade.

Sun protection products sell "steaming hot"

Is sun protection only for summer? The answer may not be so. Spring travel, "life love sunscreen" young people have begun to buy a variety of sunscreen products. A variety of sunscreen single products such as wide-brimmed sunscreen hats, light sunscreen clothes, sunscreen masks, and ice sleeves have begun to sell well, while blush masks and "facekini" have become the most popular single products in the spring of 2024, and some businesses have revealed that they can sell forty thousand and fifty thousand pieces a day, and the order volume even reached the end of May.

If you look closely at the fabrics used in these sunscreen products, it is not difficult to find that a large part of them are made of nylon fabrics. The growth of consumer demand for UV resistance, moisture absorption and perspiration, so that the high strength, high wear resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance of nylon have a useful place.

Nylon, also known as nylon, has unique advantages in wear resistance, dyeing, elasticity and skin feel. In recent years, with the change of lifestyle and consumption habits, the development of nylon fabrics is also very rapid.

High-density nylon fabric, such as 380T, 400T, can achieve high strength fastness, suitable for making storm jackets, down jackets and other functional requirements of clothing; Some ultra-fine denier, such as 20D, can also be made skin clothing such as the main light and comfortable products; Nylon elastic fabric, which adds spandex to enhance elasticity in weaving, can also produce body-hugging products such as yoga clothing and bare leg artifacts.

Whether it is waterproof clothing, sun-protective clothing, yoga clothing, or even bare legs, because of its unique functionality, each product has shone in its own field and successfully emerged, gradually becoming one of People's Daily wear clothing, forming a large and stable market demand.

What did China Fashion Week get right

The attention and support of China International Fashion Week for new designers reflects its deep participation in and continuous empowerment of the sustainable development of China's fashion industry system. By leveraging the role of fashion Week as a fashion culture leader, it will introduce new design brands into the public narrative of Chinese clothing.

These two ips can be seen everywhere in the many large-scale public fashion events on the platform of China International Fashion Week every season, such as show performances, business docking, and forum salons. In the process of IP storage precipitation, China International Fashion Week also has an engine to continue to create young content.

In the past decade, these two projects have continued to become the convergence point of avant-garde fashion cultural trends and become the cultural symbols of fashion week with recognition and "people", describing the rapid development of China's cutting-edge design with their own growth, and also providing the platform of China International Fashion Week with the corresponding tone of cutting-edge, pioneering and innovative.

The mission of Fashion Week is to provide an open scene for brands, designers, consumers and other links of the industrial chain. The value it creates for the industry is that design, clothing, culture, business and lifestyle naturally integrate and grow here.

When the market growth tends to be stable, it highlights the importance of basic skills. How cutting-edge design finally realizes commercial transformation is the result of many factors in the commercial market, and the fashion week platform needs to continue to promote, is to let the public establish awareness of cutting-edge design, and improve the acceptance and attention in the market trend.

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