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Fubon Polyester BCF spinning machine products
Release date: [2024/4/17]  Read total of [50] times

Polyester BCF spinning machine adopts special screw extruder, spinning box with high efficiency static mixer and heat medium circulation heating, rectangular spinning components, uniform side blowing and oiler system, domestic equalizing heat roller, expander, network device and domestic automatic switch winding machine.

Polyester BCF spinning machine main components:

1. Screw extruder

2. Melt filter

3. Spinning box and components

4, biphenyl generator and pipe system

5. Metering pump and transmission

6, side blowing and oil system

7. The Path

8, air conditioning unit

9. Wind the rack

10. Winding machine

11, electronic control system: including screw pressure control cabinet, spinning box temperature control cabinet, metering pump, oil pump frequency conversion cabinet, winding frequency conversion cabinet and conventional electrical control system.

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