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The 2024 National Textile and Garment Industrial Park work Conference will be held soon
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The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has opened a new chapter of Chinese-style modernization, and the textile industry, as an important part of the national economy, shoulders the important mission of building a modern textile industrial system.

To optimize the industrial layout to promote regional coordinated development, textile and garment industry park as one of the important forms of industrial agglomeration and development, in undertaking industrial transfer, driving the coordinated development of regional economy plays an important role. The development of industrial parks not only promotes local economic growth and provides job opportunities, but also promotes the improvement of industrial innovation ability, improves regional competitiveness, and injects new impetus into regional economic transformation and upgrading.

Digitization, networking and intelligence are the prominent features of the new round of scientific and technological revolution, and are also an important means for the transformation and upgrading of textile and garment industrial parks to achieve management reform, efficiency improvement, scientific and technological innovation and industrial model evolution. Conforming to the development trend of digital economy and accelerating the development process of digital transformation is the inevitable choice to build a modern textile industrial system and achieve high-quality development. It is understood that as of September 2023, the digitalization rate of textile production equipment and the connection rate of digital equipment reached 56.5% and 49.3%, respectively, which is higher than the average level of the national manufacturing industry.

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