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The new vitality of the textile industry, the collision of textile process and intelligent technology can wipe out a different spark!
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Smart textiles are becoming an important innovation in the textile industry. They embed sensors and electronic components into textiles, giving them more functionality.

Textile technology and intelligent technology "collision"

The application of high-performance textile new materials has further promoted industrial textiles to personalized, multi-functional and high-end.

In the hot summer, a functional car coat can reduce the temperature inside the car by up to about 30 ° C, which is a textile with efficient cooling technology developed by Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

The passive cooling clothing developed by Professor Tao Guangming of Huazhong University of Science and Technology adopts advanced zero-energy and efficient cooling technology, which can achieve efficient physical cooling of the human body or other coverings. The dress feels soft, comfortable and skin-friendly. Outdoor in summer, compared with white cotton fabric, the temperature of the human body surface can be reduced by nearly 5 ° C. The team and partners have built an optical metamaterial cooling fiber production line, achieving stable production of 1,000 tons per year.

The Leitmei luminous fiber yarn developed by Fudan University looks ordinary, but it can emit white, blue, green, red, pink, purple, orange and a variety of colors. This kind of fiber is soft, light weight, controllable diameter, has the functions of luminescence, energy storage, energy capture and sensing, and can be processed into fabric like ordinary yarn through sewing, knitting, embroidery, knitting and other processes, suitable for automotive interior, smart wear, information electronics, smart home, toy jewelry and many other application scenarios.

Traditional textile products from spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, finishing, to cutting, sewing clothing, the process is long. The fully formed knitting products developed by Wuhan Textile University are produced by three-dimensional one-time forming weaving technology, which completely changes the complicated and lengthy problems of the traditional process, and has the advantages of short process, diversification, stable structure, breathable and comfortable process. The fully formed thermal clothing developed based on this technology has the functions of single guide wet, warm and quick drying, etc., and has been applied in the extreme cold environment of -20℃ in Tibet and Qinghai.

Orders increased, "gold three silver four" gradually strength

Orders after the Spring Festival, the market is mainly the order of the year, entering the end of March, the market order situation has improved, elastic fabrics, sun-protective clothing fabrics, fabrics, outdoor fabrics and other categories have appeared hot, orders have begun to order, which is the order began to continue on the year before.

After the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the eight business District will always be congested, often in traffic jams, showing a "traffic" scene. Every time I pass by the business district, I can see all kinds of big trucks parked on the roadside, they are either busy with cloth, or full of cloth, waiting for departure. At the gates of some of the stores, big trucks lined up, one after another, waiting to be loaded.

By the end of March, the busy scene did not decrease at all, and the demand for conventional products was still strong, because of the hot sales, some white billet prices even rose.

With the gradual warming of the weather and the arrival of the traditional peak season, the terminal weaving start has climbed to a high of 71.94%, the atmosphere of spring and summer inquiries continues to heat up, foreign trade orders have improved moderately, and the number of weaving orders this week has come to a high of 17.44 in nearly three years. With the gradual delivery of orders, the current inventory days of grey cloth have further declined, and the inventory data has come to around 20 days, which is a relatively low inventory data for the traditional peak season. Overall, the current rise in crude oil due to geopolitical tensions has strongly supported costs, and downstream textile mills just need to purchase. The main factor that troubles the rise of polyester is whether downstream orders can be continued. At present, some orders have begun to start, whether the number of subsequent orders can be connected, whether the weaving capacity can be satisfied, determines whether the rise of polyester can continue.

The "Northeast flower" traces its origin to the magic city of Shanghai

The Northeast flower originates from the traditional Chinese pattern "one year scene pattern", which is a combination of scenes and objects representing different seasons in the year. As early as the 1950s and 1960s, designers from the East China Textile Management Bureau in Shanghai created the prototype of today's "Northeast Big flower" by drawing on elements such as birds worshiping phoenix and peony, and in the following long time, it was widely used as a bedding fabric in Shanghai, Shandong, Hebei, Gansu, etc. However, there is no tradition of this kind of big flower as clothing in the country. Later, a flower dress is very in line with the performance characteristics of the Northeast duet, so it appeared on the stage, was labeled as the Northeast, and formed the impression of not elegant.

When talking about Shanghai School, Hu Sheguang said: "To understand Shanghai, it is necessary to recall the city's unique history of gradual, round trip, mutation, disintegration and reshaping, which formed the disorder and order of Shanghai's changes, and the fate of the small people living in it has the nature of being unassailable." Cheongsam, fur, suit coat, cloak, trench coat, dress and other clothing styles, curly hair, red lips, lancet eyebrows, men's beard and bow tie and other shapes, have become the best interpretation of modern, rich and charming or charming, have become the style of the city that never night. Every little person seems to be pushed forward by The Times, grandiose clothing and exquisite jewelry become the most practical life.

The Northeast flower was born in Shanghai has its inevitability, and I choose the Northeast flower to create, but also the inspiration of my life story, I believe that the Northeast flower has been hot again and again, triggering the attention of the people, is bound to be related to everyone's memory and emotion of this pattern.

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