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Green low-carbon textile industry think Tank Forum and Zibo City "Jixia Science and Technology Forum" was held
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Focus on low-carbon textile development, talk about the future of the industry. On September 25, Shandong Innovation-driven Development Conference - Green low-carbon Textile Industry Think Tank Forum and Zibo City "Jixia Science and Technology Forum" was held in Zhoucun. Academician experts jointly studied the development path of the textile industry, revealed the key words of this year's forum - green, science and technology, and opened the road of innovation and development of the textile industry.

This year is the beginning of the implementation of the "Shandong Province Modern Light Textile Industry Development Three-year Action Plan (2023-2025)". "This green low-carbon textile industry think Tank Forum and Zibo City 'Jixia Science and Technology Forum' will strongly guide the innovative development and green development of the textile industry, and contribute to the high-quality development of the textile industry." Gao Huifang, secretary-general of China Textile Engineering Society, said that the textile industry has always been a traditional advantage industry in Zibo City. At present, Zibo is making every effort to create an advanced manufacturing place and innovation source for the digital transformation of the textile and garment industry, taking the textile industry as an important direction of industrial transformation and upgrading, and the textile industry has achieved outstanding results in green, low-carbon and high-quality development.

Green and low-carbon, supported by science and technology. How is the low-carbon transformation of the textile industry progressing? What are the opportunities and challenges of technological development in the industry? What positive results have been achieved in scientific and technological innovation, and what is the path to green development? In the keynote report session of the forum, a number of academicians and textile industry experts made special reports on cutting-edge topics in the field of green and low-carbon textiles.

"Professional and industry cross-integration, gather force textile +, to the competitive advantage of high technology content and high added value of products, the use of high-tech grafting to enhance the textile industry, to achieve the overall industrial upgrading of the textile industry." Long Yunze, a foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, said in the special report on "Large-scale preparation of functional nanofibers and applications in air filtration, wound dressing and energy catalysis" that electrospinning technology has great advantages in the preparation of nanofiber materials and has broad application prospects, and hopes to work together with relevant enterprises in Zibo to promote this technology and achieve market-oriented.

"Poly power new technology research and development of green technology, the construction of a modern textile industry system, to achieve the industry green low-carbon technology self-reliance." Zhang Jianfei, deputy director of the National Advanced Printing and Dyeing Center, said in the theme report of "Textile printing and dyeing industry carbon emission accounting and carbon reduction methods" that the textile printing and dyeing industry has great development space and potential in reducing carbon emissions, more and more enterprises practice the double carbon goal with practical actions, and are committed to uniting industrial chain partners and proposing flexible solutions around each link of the value chain. Create a new era of low-carbon textiles.

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