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Fubon polypropylene spinning machine, many years of industry experience, quality is guaranteed
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Polypropylene spinning machine is mainly used for spinning 100~2000 denier polypropylene filament, the product is full orientation draft wire (FDY). The raw material is polypropylene sliced.

Polypropylene fiber is mainly used in: curtain cloth, sand release and other office furniture cloth, as well as luggage belt, Simmons bag sideband, rope and other fields.

The function of the polypropylene spinning machine is to make the melted melt enter the spinning box through the bend, the metering pump is ejected by the spinning head, cold solidified into the wire strip, and continue to cool through the tunnel and finally wind up. Polypropylene spinning machine is mainly composed of spinning control system, biphenyl boiler control system, winding machine control system and so on.

What are the main components of Fubon polypropylene spinning machine?

1, automatic feeding machine

2, masterbatch injection machine

3, screw extruder

4, pre-filter (selected by the user)

5. Spinning box and components

6. Metering pump and transmission

7. Side wind and tunnel

8. Draft hot roller

9. Winding frame and oil nozzle (tanker) oiling device

10, network device

11, automatic winding machine

12, electronic control system: including screw pressure control cabinet, spinning box temperature control cabinet, draft temperature control cabinet, draft frequency conversion cabinet, winding frequency conversion cabinet and conventional electrical control system.

Fubon polypropylene spinning machine equipment purchase model is complete, industry experience for many years, quality is guaranteed.

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