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[Features of polyester spinning machine]
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Polyester POY spinning machine is mainly used for spinning 75-300 denier polyester filament, and the product is pre-oriented yarn (POY). The raw material is polyester chips.

Polyester POY filaments are mainly used in clothing, furniture, automotive interiors and other fields.

Basic parameters of polyester POY spinning machine:

  Finished fineness: 75~300 (denier)

  Mechanical speed (large): 3500m/min

Process speed (large): 3200m/min

Number of tows per part: 8, 10, 12

Main components of polyester POY spinning machine:

1. Screw extruder

2. Melt filter

3. Spinning box and components

4. Biphenyl generator and its pipeline system

5. Metering pump and transmission

6. Side blowing and oiling system

7, the tunnel

8. Air conditioning unit

9. Winding frame

10. Winding machine

11. Electric control system: including screw pressure control cabinet, spinning box temperature control cabinet, metering pump, oil pump frequency conversion cabinet, winding frequency conversion cabinet and conventional electrical control systems.

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