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[Can dyeing factories and grey cloth markets catch up with the "last train" of the bull market before the end of the year?]
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Recently, the textile market has ushered in a wave of market conditions, and all links in the industry chain have improved, especially in the printing and dyeing market.

"Recently, the dyeing factory has started to be busy again. I heard that there is a big order that covers half of the tanks of a dyeing factory." A salesperson recently told the editor. It is understood that the dyeing factory is mainly engaged in the printing and dyeing process of nylon and superfine polyester products, and this large order is mainly twill pongee and 290T semi-gloss pongee.

Since mid-November, after the textile market ended the double eleven stocking market, the market once fell into a low-level shock and the market stalemate. During the period, although individual product orders were stable, the entire market has not been a big wave.

Recently, with the good news of vaccines, after the raw materials took advantage of the rising prices, downstream buyers were driven to get goods again, and the market sentiment rebounded again, but compared with the previous wave of market, it was still slightly inferior.

It is understood that there are not many hot-selling products in this round of market. At present, the orders for elastic fabrics, pongee, polyester taffeta and other fabrics used in autumn and winter in the dyeing factory are still performing well. The first dyeing factory's daily inventory volume is basically acceptable. It is stable at about 800,000 meters, which is about 20-30% higher than the previous period.

Some traders said that the number of T400 orders has risen significantly recently, and some orders have to be scheduled even if they are finalized, which has caused some small orders to be shipped again. "Large customers package cylinders, package setting machines, small customers can't speak at all, they can only wait for the plan to line up." He said.

It is understood that a salesperson of another printing and dyeing company said that among the fabrics recently purchased, elasticity accounts for a large proportion, mainly foreign trade orders. "At present, the delivery time of Sifang Bullet is about 15-20 days. This wave of market is expected to keep us busy until after Christmas!"

As the downstream of the industrial chain, there is always a wave of market conditions before the Spring Festival in previous years. Many domestic and foreign customers will place orders in advance to avoid the traditional Spring Festival holiday. This year, due to the combined impact of the epidemic and the market, the market entered the Spring Festival vacuum period or came earlier than in previous years, which has also prompted this wave of orders to be placed in a concentrated manner, resulting in a recent good phenomenon in the printing and dyeing side.

In addition to the good performance of the printing and dyeing market, the grey cloth market has also improved from the previous period. According to some manufacturers, certain orders have been placed for apparel fabrics for spring and summer or autumn and winter recently. Although the order volume is still shrinking compared with the same period in the previous year, the increase in inventory in the factory presses the "pause button."

This year, due to the tighter payment than in previous years, many intermediate traders have started cash transactions and are not easy to let customers owe money to get goods. "Recently, we have started to take the goods in cash, and we finished it earlier. I heard that there are customers in Keqiao who have lost contact. We dare not owe money to go out casually," said Mr. Yang, who is a grey cloth trader. It is also significantly more than last week, and can walk about 40,000 meters of goods every day."

Of course, the impact of the epidemic on the industry has not dissipated, and the entire grey fabric market can only be said to be warming up locally. There are still many bosses who say that recent orders have not improved much, and the execution of orders on hand ends at the end of the month.

Judging from the current orders on hand by most weaving mill bosses, the proportion that can be achieved in mid-January next year is not large. Most companies have orders on hand until the end of December, and a few companies with fewer orders have begun to make inventory.

"In previous years, foreign trade customers will rush to confirm their orders before Christmas, and they will also usher in the holiday. This year this rule should not be broken. However, the overseas epidemic situation is still serious recently, the recovery of terminal consumption is weak, and the order volume of customers is still not as expected. "Trader Mr. Wang said.

In addition, there is news in the market that migrant workers will return to their hometown early in 2021 for a peak shift, and the market holiday this year may be earlier than in previous years.

Various signs indicate that the textile market after Christmas may gradually cool down, and the continuity of this wave of market is still a big greeting.

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