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[The role of polypropylene spinning machine]
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The function of the polypropylene spinning machine is to make the melted melt enter each spinning box through the bend, and be ejected from the spinning head by the metering pump, and be condensed to solidify into filaments, and continue to be cooled through the tunnel and finally wound into shape. The polypropylene spinning machine is mainly composed of spinning control system, biphenyl boiler control system, winder control system and so on.

The spinning control system of polypropylene spinning machine mainly includes metering pump transmission control, oil pump transmission control, and some on-site temperature and pressure signal collection records. Each spinning position in the field is equipped with a button box, and the start and stop of the metering pump and the oil pump are controlled by the on-site button, so the frequency conversion enable signal is generally given by the terminal.

Since both the metering pump and the oil pump are synchronous motors, the frequency conversion only requires general open-loop control. The difference between the control of the metering pump and the oil pump is that the metering pump is usually driven by a frequency converter, while the oil pump is driven by a frequency converter.

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