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[The basic parameters of polypropylene spinning machine.]
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The polypropylene spinning machine is mainly used for spinning 100-2000 denier polypropylene filaments, and the product is fully oriented drawn yarn (FDY). The raw material is polypropylene fiber slices.

Polypropylene fiber is mainly used in: curtain cloth, sofa cloth and other office furniture cloth, as well as luggage belts, Simmons edging belts, ropes and other fields.

Basic parameters of polypropylene spinning machine:

  Finished fineness: 100~2000 (denier)

  Mechanical speed (large): 3000m/min

  Process speed (large): 1600m/min~ 2400m/min

Tow number per part: 4, 6, 8, 12, 16

  Number of drafting zones: 3 zones

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