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The function characteristics of chemical fiber products produced by polypropylene spinning machine
Release date: [2024/6/12]  Read total of [41] times

The function of the polypropylene spinning machine is to make the melted melt enter the spinning box through the bend, the metering pump is ejected by the spinning head, cold solidified into the wire strip, and continue to cool through the tunnel and finally wind up. Polypropylene spinning machine is mainly composed of spinning control system, biphenyl boiler control system, winding machine control system and so on.

The chemical fiber produced by polypropylene spinning machine has high strength, good softness, non-toxic, antibacterial, corrosion resistance, with a high level of tensile strength and elongation, and is widely used in clothing, decorative materials, medical and health materials, daily necessities, industry, agriculture and other fields.

Main features of polypropylene spinning machine:

1. Can be used in the field of recycled materials

2. High frequency hot roller can be used for heating, low energy consumption, uniform temperature of hot roller

3. Side blowing wind speed is uniform and stable

4. Polypropylene spinning machine stable operation, low failure rate, simple and convenient operation and maintenance

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